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You may download the laws, ministerial decrees, circulars and regulations which constitute the Greek photovoltaic investments framework, in the PV guide


Stable income for 25 years with the energy of the sun
and the experience of Renelux

Utilizing roofs and other exterior rooms of your home you can assure a safe and stable income for 25 years by installing photovoltaics. Renelux photovoltaic systems are specifically designed in order to utilize your space more efficiently resulting in the production of more “clear” energy.

Indicatively, in central and northern Greece the average energy performance of a 9,99kW residential photovoltaic system by Renelux is 1.420 kilowatt per year with total annual revenues that exceed 3.100 Euro. With 100% financing, a Renelux residential photovoltaic system can completely cover its loan amortization payments and the electricity bills as well, as of the first year of operation!



For more information regarding our residential photovoltaic systems, you may call us at:
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Why Renelux

Renelux operates since 2006 solely in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems and has developed advanced know-how, to the benefit of the investor.

Until 2014, Renelux has constructed solar projects of total power Ca. 11MW, which have reached energy yields significantly greater than average.
In 2013, Renelux was certified as per ISO 9001:2008 for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Operation & Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems.

Renelux photovoltaic systems are designed by the company's expert engineers and are installed by the company's experienced technicians for better performance and greater durability.


Renelux offers extended warranties not only for proper operation, but also for the performance of its projects.


Renelux operates as a One-Stop-Shop. We successfully accomplish all stages of a solar investment (licensing, design, construction, technical support).


Each employee in the company aims to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements with expertise and responsibility.


Also, ReneIux has been selected with strict criteria by large investment funds abroad for the implementation of their solar investments in Greece.



    General information      

The program "Photovoltaic systems on roofs" was put into effect on June 2009 and applies to photovoltaic systems in whole Greece (Mainland Greece, Ionian islands, Saronic islands, Northern Sporades and Evia).

In Mainland Greece and in Crete the highest allowed power is 10kW while in non-connected islands it is 5kW.
The program is targeted at residential consumers and small businesses (up to 10 employees and up to 2 million yearly turnover) as long as they own horizontal or vertical property and appoint an electricity meter (by the Public Power Corporation) in their name.
In each building, only one photovoltaic system is allowed.
The written consent of all owners is required in communal rooftops.
Part of the building needs in hot water must be covered by solar heaters or other renewable energy system (affirmation of the owner is required).
The only process required is the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement with the Public Power Corporation.
The duration of the sales contract with the Public Power Corporation is 25 years while the price will be yearly adjusted in accordance with price index.
The cost of the Public Power Corporation bills will be deducted from the value of electricity produced by your photovoltaic system.
    Incentives for residential photovoltaic investments      
Fixed price paid by the Greek Public Power Corporation for 25 years with annual indexation.
More than 3.100€ per year for 10kW in almost all regions of Greece. 
Tax-free profits from the sale of electricity.
100% financing of investment costs by pledging the contract of the Public Power Corporation.
Payment of the Public Public Power Corporation accounts by the revenues of your photovoltaic system.
Participation in the effort for the environment protection.
    The areas which are allowed for installation of photovoltaics in residential buildings are: flat and pitched-roofs, terrace, roof terrace, facades as well as the auxiliary facilities of buildings (such as warehouses and legitimate lodgements).      
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