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Project Planning, Development & Technical Assessment


Starting from "Green Field", we build strong foundations for your investment with our qualified project assessment and development services. Renelux photovoltaic projects are selected, studied and designed by the company's expert engineers, for optimized performance and reliability.

Renelux Project Planning, Development & Technical Assessment Services include the following:

Project Planning

  • Provision of specialized consulting services for selecting the appropriate installment area based on areas microclimate, solar radiation, shading conditions, the projects “connectivity” with the Public Power Corporation network, the value of the land, the accumulation of applications in the area and other factors that determine the implementation and the economic feasibility of the project.
  • Energy efficiency evaluation & feasibility study.

Project Development

  • Technical study of the project (technology selection, lay-out of the solar park, dimensioning, electrical diagram, evaluation of energy efficiency, business plan).
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of application for Production License to the Regulatory Authority for Energy.
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of application for Grid Connection Terms to the Public Power Corporation.
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of applications in order to obtain consultations from the Advisory Authorities (such as, indicatively, the archaeological services, the forestry authority and the agricultural development authority).
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of application for Environmental Impact Assessment (whether required).
  • Submission of application for Small-Scale Works Permit to the competent Urban Planning Authority.
  • Installation License.
  • Application for the signing of the Grid Connection Agreement with the Public Power Corporation (PPC).
  • Application for the signing if the Power Purchase Agreement with the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO) or the PPC (depending on the investment)
  • Issue of the Operation License of each project.

Technical Assessment - Evaluation - Performance Improvement

  • Project assessment - on-site evaluation of each solar park's technical characteristics and topographic conditions
  • Energy Yield Studies
  • Proposals for Improvements regarding: Performance, Technical Characteristics and Infrastructures, based on Cost-Benefit Analysis
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