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All photovoltaic installations delivered by Renelux are projects of contemporary standards, which are implemented in accordance with the strictest international certifications. Also Renelux maintains direct cooperation with the most renowned and reputable equipment manufacturers worldwide, in order to assure that its projects will always operate as planned.

Renelux employs specialized engineers and certified technical stuff and utilizes modern machinery and equipment to construct photovoltaic projects of top quality and reliability.

Moreover, Renelux provides its clients with a very competitive package of Warranties including Energy Yield Warranty (Performance Ratio Warranty), Full Operation Warranty, Power Output Warranty (for the solar modules) and complete Product Warranties in order to add value to your investment.

The main characteristics of our EPC projects are the following:


Engineering Studies
  • Implementation studies according to the requirements of the international standard EN 62446:2009.
  • Certification by TUV Austria Hellas.
  • Delivery of “as built” drawings.

Solar Panels
  • Crystalline solar panels made by the most renowned and trustworthy manufacturers worldwide.
  • Up-to-date technology with module efficiencies that reach 20%.
  • Full Certification in accordance with IEC 61215 class II and IEC 61730 as per TUV and CE.
  • Insurance policy that covers loss of income in case of product failure.
>> Equipment / Solar Panels

  • Central & string inverters, made in EU and USA with the highest efficiency ratios currently available in the market.
  • 20-year maintenance agreements.
>> Equipment / Inverters

Mounting systems

  • Fixed, aluminum and thermal electroplating steel mounting systems that cover all types of installations.
  • Foundation with pile thickening / foundation screws / concrete clotting or concrete blocks, depending on the topographic conditions of the installation area and the soil survey.
  • Certificate of Structural Adequacy
>> Equipment / Mounting Systems

Electrical Equipment

  • Central Medium Voltage & Low Voltage substations - mainly ABB and Schneider Electric.
  • Design in accordance with the European and Greek standards DIN VDE0101,CENELEC EN 50119, ΕΛΟΤ HD 384.
  • The metallic construction is consisted of steel framework with galvanized steel casing, with medium voltage surge protection. The dimensions of the kiosk are finalised upon the engineering stage.
  • Concrete foundation base.
  • Three separated compartments (i) Transformer Compartment (ii) Medium Voltage Compartment (iii) Low Voltage Compartment. Each compartment is consisted of cells with IP2X protection level inside the cell and ΙΡ3Χ on the external casing. The cells comply with ISO 9001:2000 standard. The surge protection systems that are applied comply with IEC 282-1, IEC 62271και VDE 0670 standards.
  • Reinforced SOLAR PV cables with electroplating steel wires and double insulation, with maximum temperature of 900 C, interior and exterior PVC sheathing. Nominal voltage 600/1000V.
  • Appropriate cross-sections for elimination of losses below 1%
  • Central impermeable wall-mounted AC switchboard with power switch, lightning protection and relay panel.
  • Semi-central DC switchboards (wherever applied), impermeable wall-mounted with fuse disconnector, cylindrical cartridges and lightning protection.
  • Tubes and heavy duty spirals for cables routing
  • Metal electroplated grates.
  • External Lighting Protection System (European Standard ELOT ΕΝ 62305-3, Greek Standard ELOT 1412).
  • Internal Lighting Protection System based on European technical Directive CENELEC TS-50539-12/2009.
>> Equipment / Electrical Equipment


  • Integrated monitoring system approved by TUV
  • Installation of meteorological station with 1st class equipment for measurement of solar irradiation, temperature, air pressure and other parameters that are important for calculation of the solar parks' Performance Ratio (PR).
  • Monitoring system with on-line platform for real time access to the operation status of the solar park from distance and state-of-the-art reporting system.

Alarming system
  • Alarming system with cameras, alarming center, 8 radar beams and additional radar for observation of the kiosk, cabling, keyboard, external AC adapter, internal - external hooter, GSM modem, 10 60-meter beams and 10 100-meter beams.
  • CCTV system with data logger, HDD, networking, long distance cameras and cabling.

  • The fence has a height of 2,5 meters above the ground. It consists of electroplated barbed wire 55x55, No. 16, with a height of 2 meters and metal poles which are pales from electroplated tubes with diameter 60 mm, width 1.5 mm, height 2.5 m and oblique extension 50cm.
  • The poles extend per 2,5 meters and there will be struts at the fencing corners. At the top of the fence three rows from electroplated barbed wire will be installed.
  • The fencing gate has an opening of 4 m for convenient transit of heavy vehicles.
  • The fencing poles are embedded in a depth of 50 cm and fayed in slots in the ground, which are filled with reinforced concrete.

Construction & Commissioning

Civil Works

  • Land preparation works (including land leveling earthworks, dismantling as well as internal and external roading).
  • Excavations and banking ups of trenches for the grounding system and all the cables of the installation.
  • Construction of proper concrete pedestals for the central installations (MV substation, Inverters, PPC measurement units).
  • Tracing and installation of the piles for the construction of the mounting structures.
  • Installation of the mounting stanchions on the piles, inclination adjustment, alignment and assembly of the mounting structures.
  • Drainage works.
  • Custom made constructions depending on the requirements and the topography of each project.

Electromechanical Works

  • Sorting, installation and connection of the solar modules.
  • Grounding of the PV modules in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer and the electromechanical study.
  • Installation of the following items:
    • External and internal Surge Protection System and grounding installation.
    • DC cables (solar PV cables), AC cables (NYY) and communication cables within the external and internal tubes.
    • Inverters (installation and adjustment).
    • Low Voltage (DC/AC) switchboards.
    • MV substation.
    • Communication and supervision systems.
    • LV and MV main switchboards along with the proper protection systems.
  • Construction of the pillar for the installation of the PPC electricity meter.
  • Installation and adjustment of the MV substation.


  • Activation of the electrical connection of the solar facility.
  • Adjustment and proper operation inspection.
  • Performance of operating tests.
  • Connection to the PPC electricity grid and commencement of the Trial Operation.
  • Full Commercial Operation.

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