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Operation & Maintenance


Renelux performs maintenance for twenty years following completion of the Plant (Maintenance Period). The maintenance scope includes performing all preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance required to ensure the Plant achieves the Guaranteed Availability Level and Guaranteed Average Performance Ratio during each six month period during the Maintenance Period. Renelux shall monitor Plant performance throughout the Maintenance Period to detect abnormal operation and implement appropriate maintenance actions.

Renelux shall oversee, supervise and approve all maintenance activities performed on the Project Site, including the activities performed by Subcontractors, vendors and other third parties. All maintenance activities requiring or resulting in a reduction or disruption of Plant operations will be performed where possible during non-functional periods such as nights or winter cloudy days.

Renelux shall document the procedures, frequency and results of all maintenance actions in the maintenance log book of the Plant and shall be responsible for replacing any items consumed, damaged or lost during the Maintenance period, excluding ordinary wear and tear.

During the period of maintenance, Renelux monitors the operation of the project so that in cases of abnormal operation, the problem will be directly identified and all appropriate efforts will be taken timely for its fastest possible recovery.
Renelux visits the project at regular intervals and keeps (maintenance log book) in which all routine maintenance work and restoration carried out by engineers on the project is thoroughly recorded. Renelux is also responsible for the replacement of damaged, warn or lost parts, during the period of maintenance (with exception of physical damage or destruction).

In maintenance programs of Renelux among others are following tasks are included:

  1. Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
    1. Visual Inspection
      Engineers of Renelux visit the site of the project, in predetermined intervals and inspect visually the site of the project, its fence and the condition of the equipment in order to detect any violations, damages or harms. The visual inspection involves solar collectors, support systems, cables, electrical equipment, weather station and the control, telemetry and safety systems of the project. It also includes the work of the Civil Engineer.
    2. Preventive Maintenance
      1. Electrical connections
      2. Inverters and electrical equipment
      3. Meteorological stations and monitoring, control and security systems
      4. Electrical protection equipment
      5. Grounding connection system
    3. Other
      1. Restoration of failures.
      2. Keeping stock of spare parts.
      3. Work reports.
    4. Insurance coverage of the project
      1. Full insurance program against all risks for photovoltaic installations from National Insurance, which provides compensation for income loss.
      2. Monitoring of the photovoltaic park from an alert receiving center of a security company with immediate response and police alert in case of an incident.
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Operation & Maintenance

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