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Coal, along with Oil and natural gas, are the traditional fossil fuels that have powered modern societies since the Industrial Revolution and remain the dominant world energy sources today. These fuels account for roughly 80 percent of world energy use, where the remainder comes from nuclear power and renewable fuels.

Fossil fuels hold energy stored in plant tissues by photosynthesis millions of years ago. When these ancient plants and the animals that fed on them died, they were buried in sediments, where Earth's heat and compression from the weight of overlying rock eventually turned the deposits into coal, oil, and natural gas.

Renelux Steam Coal is sourced from selected mines in Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and USA that produce various grades of Coal with calorific values ranging from 4.200 kcal/kg GAR up to 6.500 kcal/kg GAR. Special sizing can also be provided upon request.

The product is supplied through spot offerings or on the basis of a term agreement. 


Renelux Steam Coal Main Origins:

Renelux delivers Steam Coal in terms FOB or CFR/CIF to any safe destination in the world, as per Incoterms 2010. The average load vessel size is Ca. 50kt. 

The cargo inspections are undertaken by qualified Surveyors with global presence. 

Typical Qualities:

Moisture 12% - 18% (ARB) 
Ash 7% - 16% (ADB)
Volatile Matter 26% - 41% (ADB)
Sulphur Content Max 1% (ADB)
Gross Calorific Value 4.200 - 6.300 kcal/kg GAR
HGI Min 42
Size 0-50mm: 90%
Above 50mm: 10%

Main Industrial Applications:

  • Cement Plants
  • Power Production Plants
  • Steel Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Plastics

What We Do:

  • Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Delivery to any safe destination in the world




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