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Petroleum coke (petcoke) is a black colored solid composed primarily of carbon, and may contain limited amounts of elemental forms of sulfur, metals and non-volatile inorganic compounds. Petcoke is the co-product of several processes used in petroleum refining to upgrade “residuum” into gasoline and middle distillate-range fuels. Although it is a refining co-product, petcoke has economic value as both a heating fuel and raw material in manufacturing.

Petcoke may be combusted as fuel in industrial and power generating plants. Cement plants and power plants are currently the two greatest consumers of petcoke. There is some limited use as space heating and in commercial brick kilns in Europe, and a small but emerging market as a metallurgical coal blending component for the steel industry.

Fuel grade petcoke can substitute for “steam coal” in power plant boilers, having the advantage of a higher heating value. Conventional coal-fired boilers can blend petcoke with steam coal, and newer boiler designs have replaced steam coal with petcoke entirely. Cement plants consume fuel-grade petcoke in rotary kilns.

Petcoke is composed primarily of carbon. The specific chemical composition of petcoke depends on the composition of the petroleum feedstock used in refining.

In direct cooperation with the most renowned Refineries in the world, Renelux supplies the industrial organizations with different types of Fuel Grade and Anode Grade GPC, with Sulfur Contents ranging from 0.7% (Anode-Grade GPC) up to 8% (Fuel Grade GPC).

The product can be supplied through spot offerings or on the basis of a term agreement. 


Renelux Green Petroleum Coke Main Origins:

Renelux delivers its products in terms FOB or CFR/CIF to any safe destination in the world, as per Incoterms 2010. Load vessel size varies from 20kt up to 70kt depending on the origin and the product grade.

The cargo inspections are undertaken by qualified Surveyors with global presence. 

Fuel Grade GPC

Typical Qualities:

Moisture 6% - 12%
Ash 0.2% (AR) - 4% (ADB)
Volatile Matter 10% (AR) - 12% (ADB)
Sulphur Content 4.5% (AR) - 8% (ADB)
Gross Calorific Value 7.500 - 8.800 kcal/kg
HGI 40 - 90
Size Max 50mm 

Main Industrial Applications:

  • Cement Plants
  • Power Production Plants
  • Steel Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Plastics

Anode Grade GPC

Typical Qualities:

Moisture Max 13%
Ash Max 0.35%
Volatile Matter Max 13%
Sulphur Content Max 1%
HGI 80 - 120
Silicon (Si) ppm Max 250
Iron (Fe) ppm Max 300
Vanadium (V) ppm Max 250
Sodium (Na) ppm Max 100
Calcium (CA) ppm Max 120
Manganese (Mn) ppm Max 4
Nickel (Ni) ppm Max 220
Titanium (Ti) ppm Max 20
Zinc (Zn) ppm Max 7

Main Industrial Applications:

  • Raw material for the production of CPC by the Calcining Industry
  • Aluminum Industry

What We Do:

  • Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Delivery to any safe destination in the world



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